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Vigario waterfall: the refreshing oasis in the Algarve

The Vigario waterfall in the Algarve next to Alte village is a refreshing...

Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra: place of magic and mystery near Lisbon

Quinta da Regaleira is one of the most amazing monuments in Sintra, near...

Garrão and Ancão: golden dune beaches near Quinta do Lago Resort

Garrão and Ancão beaches are beaches located in the most touristic areas of...

Hotel Vila Galé Clube de Campo: Enjoy your holidays in the nature

At Hotel Vila Galé Casa de Campo, near Beja, Alentejo region, you can enjoy a...

Traveling in times of Covid-19 pandemic: know the updated restrictions worldwide

Scheduling a trip today is a risk because the epidemiological situation and...

Ria Formosa Natural Park, Olhão - Environmental Education Center

The Marim Environmental Education Center, in Olhão has a 2 miles walking and...

The Moorish Castle in Sintra, Portugal

The Moorish castle located at the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains, close to...

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Scannertrip travel blog is just one of many useful blogs for all travel...

VRSA Beach: the most eastern wild beach in the Algarve

Beaches with a warm and calm sea, with extensive sand and dunes involved in an...

Falesia Beach: Guide to the number 1 beach in Albufeira and Vilamoura

Falésia beach has a continuous 3.7 miles long stretch of sand, lined up under...

Salgados Beach in Albufeira

Beaches in the municipality of Albufeira and Silves, famous for their...

Barril Beach - the beach with the little touristic train

From the children to the adults, everyone will love this beach, for the small...


quem somosWelcome to our travel blog.

We are three Portuguese travelers and we intend to describe our adventures on this blog. I, Bruno M., work in the area of teaching and i am connected to IT, meeting in this project a way to deepen my knowledge, writing and at the same time show the destinations thate we have visited. It is also a way of exposing another hobbie, photography.

We are residents in the Algarve and it is in this holiday destination that we feel like fish in the water.



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