Visit Estonia - surprise with this country

Estonia is a fascinating country where you will feel very welcomed, with capital Tallinn which is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Estonia is still unknown to many and certainly not part of the main places you would add to your bucket list. However it is a beautiful country, one of the smallest in Europe, with a good quality of life, excellent ability to welcome tourists who make us feel always welcome and they are quite fluent in languages ​​such as English.

Estonia is one of three Baltic nations, including Latvia and Lithuania. It is the most northern, as a border with Russia, Latvia and bathed to the north by the Gulf of Finland. Estonia is also surprised by the accelerated modernization process in which it is due to its troubled past and stable present. During its history Estonia was already dominated by Danes, Swedes and Russians. As an independent republic it appeared in 1918, being later invaded by Germany and later incorporated in the Soviet Union. It was only in 1991 that they became independent and became a member of the European Union in 2004. It is a country that is part of the Schengen Area and has adopted the Euro.

Talin view

One of the advantages of visiting Estonia and its capital Talin is the proximity to other European capitals such as Helsinki, in Finland which is a short ferry crossing and also Riga in Latvia. The capital is still very close to St. Petersburg, Russia.

My trip to Estonia allowed me to visit Tallinn and then visit the second largest city, Tartu. The trip was taken to and from Tallinn airport and then between Tallinn and Tartu we traveled by bus. The experience was excellent and we travel by the Air Baltic airline and by the LuxExpress bus company. In this the bus has exceeded all the expectations and all the buses that we have traveled, as free Wi-Fi, the availability of individual tablets with films and documentaries in several languages ​​and even first class banks.

Estonia is a member of the Schengen area, speak mainly Estonian and Russian but English is a very fluent language. Health care is good and citizens of the European Union can be accompanied by European health insurance cards or health insurance.

When visit

Estonia is a country where green and nature still abounds and all cities are relatively small compared to the rest of Europe. The average temperatures in spring and summer are relatively pleasant (between 10º and 22º). In autumn and winter temperatures are lower around 0° and due to its geographic position in the summer the days are very great being that the night can be summed up only a few hours and in the winter is the opposite.

Estonia jardim e palácio

Alatskivi castle

Floresta e lago



Estonia has a relatively small size (45 000 square km) with 1,500 islands located in the Baltic Sea. Has borders with Russia and Latvia, it's a flat country with lots of forest and many lakes. The highest "mountain" of the country has the height of 318 meters above sea level. The largest lake in the country is called Peipsi and is located on the border with Russia.

lago peipsi

Peipsi lake

taesvaskoja ponte


Taevaskoja Natural Park


Capital - Talin

The capital Talin is, for me, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe and its historic center has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is not a big city so one or two days will be enough to know all its sights. The historical center that is located inside the medieval walls remains well preserved with its pointed roofs, the old elevation systems in the facades of the houses that are ornamented and make us travel back in time. In the central square, visit the church tower where can contemplate all the splendor of this city and observe the Baltic and also the port with its cruises anchored.

Talin center 1

Talin view1

Talin muralhas

 More about Talin.

Tartu, the University City

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia and the most important university center in the country. Tartu is a small town that is quickly explored. It is divided by a river and on its banks are several gardens and walks where the Estonians at the end of the day take the opportunity to be in a group, dance, relax and enjoy the bars that are there.

In terms of culture, the city is quite rich having several museums such as the huge Estonian National Museum, Olympic Museum or AHHAA Science Center.

Tartu museu

National Museum 

tartu dancing near river

 More about Tartu.

Interesting facts about Estonia

  • Estonia is one of the countries with the most startups per capita in Europe;
  • It was in Estonia that the first Christmas tree appeared;
  • Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world, with only 16% of the believing population;
  • It is one of the countries where the air is more cleaner and this feels on the street;
  • 55% of the territory is occupied by forest;
  • It was in Estonia that Skype was born and this shows that it is a technologically advanced country;
  • It is the country with the least inhabitants of Europe;
  • Coffee is very popular in Estonia;
  • Literacy in Estonia is close to 100%. Not surprisingly, we found huge bookstores in the shopping centers;
  • Estonians love potatoes and they giving me the feeling that eat potatoes with everything and at all meals;
  • Many houses are equipped with sauna and also some schools;
  • Estonians practice golf, but it is a very peculiar golf using discs and small baskets scattered across the parks and forests next to villages.

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Estonia map


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Estonia and Tallinn capital are excellent to visit for a short time because they are small.

Estonia speek very Russian and English.

Estonia map and interess map.

Tallin map and tartu are the bigger cities.

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