Tallinn the capital of Estonia - 1 day itinerary

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and located by the Baltic Sea is quiet, historic and has stunning scenery.

Estonia, still unknown to many and certainly not part of the main places you want to visit, its capital is also little known. As this country remained decades closed and only recently became part of Europe, after the detachment of Russia only now many begin to discover how beautiful and photogenic this city, whose historical center is already part of UNESCO .

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Talin view


Town Hall Square

When i visited Tallinn, we were in an hostel next to the town square (Town Hall Square or Raekoja plats). This was our starting point for visiting the city. This medieval square in the center of the old town is full of shops, cafes, terraces and is made up of well-preserved, roof-topped houses. In its center is the historic Town Hall building with a tower that can be climbed and at the top we have a 360 degree view of the city. The building looks like a church but it is Tallinn's city hall in a very well maintained building.

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Old Town Walls

The historic center is surrounded by medieval walls and is also a point of tourist interest. Points of interest are also the gates (Viru Gate or the Fat Margaret Tower). If you want to walk over the ancient walls you can visit the ramps at Hellemann Tower near Viru Gate. On the opposite side still inside the walls is St. Nicholas' Church with a remarkable tower towering over the roofs of Tallinn's Old Town. The church is currently a museum and is surrounded by a small garden.

Estonia jardim e palácio

Floresta e lago

 talin gate

St Catherine's Passage

One of the other areas with many small streets full of craft shops is in the so-called Upper Town. In this area is this small street with some shops where it shows how its made the glass works.

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In the Tompea area, a higher area that allows a view over Tallinn's Old Town, is undoubtedly the ideal place to visit, see Tallinn from above and take magnificent photos. Tompea Castle is also the current parliament, surrounded by gardens and here you can climb the tower and visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox church that is the most impressive religious building in Tallinn.

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Pratical Guide


When visit

Average temperatures in spring and summer are relatively pleasant (between 10º and 22º). In autumn and winter the temperatures are lower around 0 ° C and due to its geographical position in summer the days are very large and the night can only be a few hours and winter is the opposite. So the best time to visit Tallinn is even during the summer, as the hours of day can be enjoyed, but it will also be the time when you will find more tourists. Opting for spring and fall you may have warmer days and less stable weather, but you will find a less crowded city.


How to visit the city

The city is relatively small and the best is in the historical part or immediately outside the walls, so walking will be the best option to know the corners of the city. In a 24 hour stay it is also possible to visit the city just by walking. However it will take some more time if you choose to visit museums.

If you choose to visit Tallinn by ferry from Helsinki, the best news is that you can do so without requiring public transport, as the ferry port is close to the historic center.

If you arrive in Tallinn by plane or bus, it is wise to take a tram or taxi as their locations are a little further from the historic center.

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Explore Tallinn


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Estonia and Tallinn capital are excellent to visit for a short time because they are small.

Tallinn map and tallinn tips.

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