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Algarviana route

Algarviana Route between Cachopo and Barranco do Velho

The sector 5 of Via Algarviana, has 1280M of accumulated altitude and is considered very difficult. It starts in the beautiful village of Cachopo and ends in Barranco do Velho.

The landscape that this sector offers is spectacular. Although the 5th sector was hit by a big fire in 2012, which left marks that are still visible today and that will continue to last for some years. The expected duration is 8 hours with an extension of 29 km. When we did it it took a little longer because it really is a very long journey (very long and very hard) and hard due to its slope. However, it is a route framed in an Algarve almost unknown to everyone.

The beginning of the route is in the center of Cachopo village in Algarve inland. In this initial phase you will pass through several housing clusters, such as Currais, Alcaria Alta and later Castelão.

Via Algarviana - Cachopo
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In addition to the small villages, along the rugged route, you will find a forested landscape, with cork oaks and dense bushes of arbutus, heather and rockrose.


Cork Trees


Strawberry Tree

Along the route you will have several climbs that take you to the top of hills and mountains where you can have unobstructed panoramic views. The descents will take you to cross some water lines and, depending on the time of year, you can find green valleys and cool off so you can take the rest of the route.
vales - Via Algarviana

IMG 9156 min

IMG 9186 min

Odeleite small river


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After passing through Odeleite small river, which in one of our hikes in this route was without water, we will continue towards Parises through a long and almost endless climb. In Parises it is possible to regain energy as it has a small cafe.




Continuing towards the West, you will also cross Javali and Corgo de Loulé. Near the end of this route and our walk, we crossed a denser grove area and a little later we reached Barranco do Velho. In this small houses cluster, it is recommended to visit the restaurant to taste the specialties of the Algarve inland, among them the Boar or even the alcoholic drink Medronho from the strawberry tree.

This section of Algarviana Route was for us the most challenging and the longest we have ever done. However, it should be noted that we have not yet gone through all the sections.

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Route map and altimetry

Here you can consult the route map and the altimetry.


When you decide to hike in the Algarviana route always keep in mind that it passes through very sparsely populated areas, through valleys without a mobile phone network and it is many kilometers to the next settlement. This section was more precisely done in the spring and I recommend that all be done in spring or autumn. Keep in mind the expected duration so that you do not stay overnight in the middle of the tracks.

What to take

Water and more water and lots of fluids. In addition, obviously the food for more than 8 hours always walking. It is advisable to bring comfortable shoes and clothes, hat, sunscreen, front light or flashlight, cell phone with a charged battery and a lot of desire to walk. I also recommend the thermal blanket for a more serious situation. Did I mention the water ?!

Via Algarviana - Cachopo

Routes Intersection

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Hat is Algarviana Route.

Cachopo village is the starting point to hike in the 5ft sector.

The 5 ft sector of the algarviana route.

hike in Algarve.

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