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Armona island

Armona Island: how to visit and what to see in this small paradise in Algarve

Armona Island is a true paradise in the Algarve. No cars, no trafic jam, clear and warm waters.

Armona Island is located in Formosa Lagoon, near the city of Olhão in Algarve, Portugal. It is a sand barrier that protects the lagoon from the see. Armona is also a small village that is located essentially on the side of the lagoon. To get there you just need to take a ferry from ferry port in Olhão, located at Av. 5 de Outubro (the times between the ferrys differs during the various months of the year but in summer they are relatively frequent). This is the most economical way. There are also several companies that make trips from Faro, Olhão or Fuseta to Armona.

Ilha Armona mar

The ferry ride to the island of Armona from Olhão takes just over 10 minutes through the channels of Formosa lagoon offering to the visitors a beautiful view of this salt water lagoon.

In Armona, on the lagoon side you can also enjoy calm and warmer waters. However, a 20-minute walk from the little harbor, between the small houses, you will find the beach with a large area of sand, calm, translucent and sometimes warm waters. The island itself creates small sea-side coves. It is also a place still rich in fauna and flora. No many people, no big mess, plenty of room to extend the towel and make great walks.

Ilha Armona Mar

On the island there are various infrastructures to stay in, such as Orbitur Campsite or various local accommodation houses. In addition to the accommodation there are mini markets, cafes and restaurants. You can compare the prices of the stays in our simulators.

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