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Azores, the travel paradise in atlantic ocean

The islands of Azores is like the myth of Atlantis, as it’s rise and shine from its long sleep. This is a paradise!

Azores are a group of nine volcanic islands in North Atlantic ocean and a autonomous region of Portugal. The Azores are about 2/3 of the way between the U.S. and Europe. São Miguel is the biggest, the most populous island and also holds the largest city of the archipelago: Ponta Delgada. Today only 5-10% of the territory is build-up area, the rest is occupied by nature. In Azores you will find wild humid climate, dramatic landscapes, green pastures and fishing villages that result in a relaxing and remote-feel scenario.

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The azores landscape is actually green in different shades with hills, meadows and lush vegetation. The craters from several volcanos are now occupied by blue lakes and lagoons creating quite eye-catching contrasts. The black igneous volcanic rock makes up all the coastline. Finally some spots of white here and there are from the numerous Frisian cows (they compete with humans for the most populous animal in the islands).

 Today there are a tremendous potential in terms of activities to feed your adventurous and sporty side. You will need to chose between diving activities, hiking, bird and whale watching or surf. We had visited Azores in last years and we will give you a small itinerary for the places that not to be missed in three islands. All this islands have one airport with regular flights.

São Miguel

To travel in the island you must rent a car. With your car you can go around the island in a day or two.
Do not miss the Sete Cidades Lagoon, where you will find two beautiful lagoons of different colors, the Santiago Lagoon, the Canário Lagoon, Fogo Lagoon, the stunning and lost in the forest Congro Lagoon and Furnas Lagoon.

são miguel

Next to the Furnas Lagoon you can enjoy the traditional way of making the famous Cozido das furnas, made in holes inside the earth, in an area where the water is still full of volcanic activity. In this area you can visit the Furnas and Terra Nostra Park where you can bathe in naturally heated pools. Close by is the Dona Beija well where you can also enjoy several small natural swimming pools with naturally heated water with different temperatures. Also in this zone you can visit the Caldeira Velha, where, surrounded by nature, you will find a cascade of warm water.

Taking a drive to the Northeast, enjoy the scenery of the EN1 road that runs the Island. On this trip visit the Chã da Gorreana Factory. However, São Miguel is a small island with beauty in every corner. The best way to know it is to drive without destination.



The Pico is very close to other São Jorge and Faial islands. The island of Pico is almost unexplored, with little tourism and therefore is unique and very quite. You can not come to Pico without climbing the Pico mountain, that is, climbing the Pico volcano. The landscape is breathtaking and is within walking distance of several hours. Note that the climb to Pico Mountain should be guided and not always possible due to the unstable weather.

The Pico is also famous for boat trips to see the whales, its whaling museum, lava-lined vineyards and its lava grotto. 


Faial is also a small island. However it has a city that i known internationally bacause its port. Next to port is the Peter Café Sport, which has all its history associated with sailors that cross the Atlantic and use the coffee to leave messages for their relatives.

Faial suffered the last great earthquake that occurred in the Azores (in 1980) and the tourist still can observe some destroyed houses. Do not miss the Caldeira Lagoon and the Capelinhos Volcano. The Capelinhos is an area that suffered a volcanic eruption in 1957, leaving behind a landscape of black earth and a lighthouse, almost underground.


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Azores are amazing for your holidays.

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