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Best beaches in Algarve from Odeceixe to Sagres

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In our various walks along the beaches of Costa Vicentina we find some of the beaches that we consider the most beautiful in this area and even in Portugal. From Odeceixe to Sagres these are our suggestions.

Who already had choosed Vicentina Coast (Costa Vicentina) to stay in holidays surely will recognize the beauty of its beaches. The fact that they are beautiful, with sand, with rocks or with few people makes them more desired. These are the beaches of our choice at Vicentina Coast.


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Odeceixe Beach

praia odeceixe

It's one of the pearls of Aljezur and the Vicentina coast that leave many Algarve beaches miles away in terms of quality and ambiance. The Odeceixe Beach as excellence in quality of water and the strong waves in the sea makes the delights of surfers. But the less courageous not be afraid beacuse the river that surrounds the beach - known as the Ribeira de Seixe - is an authentic swimming pool for kids and adults. This beach is protected and, according to the swimmers, the maximum water temperature in the middle of summer is around 25 degrees.

Castelejo Beach

praia castelejo

The extensive beach of Praia do Castelejo makes it one of the best places to take the family to sunbathing or to run or walk in sand. The sand, like many beaches of the Vicentina Coast is firm and makes your run more easy. This beach fits it in the bottom of high cliffs crossed by a river where is a large black rock. In summer the water temperature is around 20 degrees, and the waves are normaly strong. The beach is also very frequented by barnacles fishermen, the most appreciated seafood in the region. 

Ponta Ruiva Beach

praia ponta ruiva

It is one of the many (almost) secret paradises that exist in the Costa Vicentina. To get there you have to cross a dirt road without indication. The beach is between Vila do Bispo and Sagres, protected by huge barriers. The car parking next to the beach is small but you can leave the car at the beginning of the access that leads to the beach. This is used almoust by schools surf, by surfers and by a few tourists who want to find a quiet place. Sometimes you can find groups of people finishing or starting the hiking along Via Algarviana. The waves are usually weak and a delight for swimmers. The beach is compact and flat, and in empty tide you can visit the rock that gives the name to the beach. We find this beach because it is part of the routes of the Algarviana route and the Vincentina Route: Walking trail Vila do Bispo a Sagres - Rota Vicentina


Amado Beach

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 praia amadoPraia do Amado is synonymous of surfing and surfing. This is located near the Carapateira Village at the end of a winding road. In it you will enjoy a hippie spirit with the swell of surfing. It has an extensive sand and constant waves. You can also go to the beach, from the nearby beach of Bordeira, through a dirt track where you can enjoy several viewpoints on the enormous escarpment carved over the years.

Bordeira Beach

praia bordeira

The beach its extensive and has huge dunes surrounded by a river. In fact, to get to the beach you have to cross the river (something that is done with a lot of will, since its worm water, then it is to choose between be facing the sea or to the small river. The river is the ideal place for children to enjoy huge baths. The sea is more windy, with a more constant ripple and ideal for surfing.


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