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Lagos | Algarve - Tips to visit the sea caves and small beaches

Lagos in Algarve, Portugal is a charming and historic city with magnificent beaches and sea caves that make it one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the Algarve.

Lagos located on the western side of the Algarve, near one hour drive from Faro airport, at the end of the A22 motorway, was once an extremely important city in the Algarve. It was the favorite residence of Infante Dom Henrique, a noble navigator and important figure of the Age of the Portuguese Discoveries and it was from this city that many explorers began their journey. Due to its importance it was the administrative capital of the Algarve but having been largely destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755 it lost its importance and Faro became the capital.

More recently it was tourism that revived Lagos and part of that tourism comes with a focus on the sea caves and the small beaches hidden between the cliffs or even on the extensive sands beaches and without forgetting the good food and the nightlife.

In this article we will present the points that you must not miss. They are all very close and can be seen for a day. However, to enjoy the beaches and walks, it is advisable to stay longer.


Lagos Map, Algarve


Historic Center

The historic center of Lagos is small and consists essentially of narrow streets and small shops. Along Avenida dos Descobrimentos, located near the Bensafrim river and the small marina, we can observe the city walls, the replica of Caravela Boa Esperança and the buildings that make up the old part of the city. Right next to the first beach we find Fort Ponta da Bandeira, which defended the entrance of the port from pirates attacks.

On the other side of the avenue are the walls of the old Castle of Lagos and when you pass the São Gonçalo Door you enter into the narrow streets of its historic center. These streets are now alive with many restaurants, bars and shops. We can get lost in this immensity of streets, but we must not miss the Church of Santo António and if we head towards Praça Gil Eanes we are on the right path to visit the busiest area and return to Avenida dos Descobrimentos. Upon returning to the starting point, it is advisable to stroll through the Constitution Garden, the new area of ​​bars and restaurants, visit the existing museums and the Statue of Infante Dom Henrique.

Lagos (Portugal) - 15118952473


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In Lagos you can enjoy two types of beaches, a beach with an extensive sand, calm sea, dunes and small beaches hidden between the rocks and also with a calm sea. We start on the other side of Bensafrim River, on the side of Marina de Lagos where you will find Meia Praia. For those who like to walk, take the walk along the beach to Alvor Lagoon. The distance is great but it will only be worth it.

 meia praia

meia praia

meia praia

Meia Praia - Lagos

Walking along Avenida dos Descobrimentos towards the sea are some of the best known beaches in Lagos. They are small beaches surrounded by scenic cliffs and connected by several rocky tunnels. They are Praia da Batata and Praia dos Estudante. In this you find a Roman bridge over the sea that connect a viewpoint to a private house.

Praia estudantes

ponte romana

Ponte romana

Heading towards the Ponta da Piedade viewpoint is Praia do Camilo, another small sandy cove, at the end of some 200 steps. At Ponta da Piedade there is a lighthouse and a set of famous rock formations that create a port for small boats. It is also a place where you can rent a boat trip to visit the famous caves on the coast of Lagos.

ponta piedade


ponta piedade

Ponta piedade farol

 Ponta da Piedade - Lagos

Between Ponta da Piedade and Praia do Canavial there is a long wooden walkway that allows to visit one more beach and also access Porto de Mós beach. This already has a larger area and is a well-known surfing destination.

Between Porto de Mós beach and Praia da Luz there is a path along the cliff and the sea, allowing you to cover this whole area, surrounded by nature. It is a walk that may have some degree of complexity, especially in the area near Praia da Luz and has a distance of 3 km. But if you think you can do it. It will be worth it.

Praia Porto de Mos à Praia da Luz

 Porto de Mós to the Praia da Luz - Lagos


praia luz

  Praia da Luz


Beyond the beaches

When visiting Lagos be sure that you have time to visit Sagres and its Sagres Fortress perched on a huge cliff. On the way to Sagres you can always visit other beachs. This area, in spite of being touristy, still has a certain peace that can lead you to better enjoy every little moment in Algarve.

However, if your hobby is also play golf near Lagos you will find the Boavista Golf Course. About 8 km from Lagos, near the village of Barão de São joão you will find the Lagos Zoo that will ensure some good family moments. The enterprise contains lots of animals that make this Zoo your home and a swiming pool.


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During our stay we stayed at the Vila Galé Lagos Hotel. The outside space is huge and the pool looks like a water mirror. The children's space is also quite large and includes a swimming pool. The distance from the hotel to the half beach is about 100 meters. 

Hotel Vila Galé Lagos

Hotel Vila Galé Lagos


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