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fabrica beach

Fábrica beach is one paradise in Algarve | Cacela Velha

Fábrica beach, located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, is still a natural highlight of the Algarve, having already been identified as one of the best in the world by Traveler magazine.

The Fabrica beach is located in Cacela Velha, between Tavira and Monte Gordo city.





Where is Located


The Cacela Velha

Cacela Velha is a small village next to the Ria Formosa with an old church and a few little houses. It's a very peaceful place, even at the peak of the summer. In the direction of Monte Gordo, you will find the Manta Rota village and in the direction of Tavira, you will find the small place called Fábrica. The Fábrica is located next to the Ria Formosa, the saltwater lagoon, with some restaurants and summer holidays houses.

Cacela Velha

The Beach

To access the beach you have two options: wait for the empty tide and it's possible to pass the Ria Formosa by foot. The other option is with the full tide, you need to take the small fishing boats that will take you to the beach. The beach is practically untouched and it retains almost wild beauty and from the beach, you can see the Bay of Monte Gordo, the church and fortress of Cacela Velha, the Island of Tavira, the Island of Cabanas and other highlands of the Algarve.

IMG 6818

IMG 6825

The Fábrica Beach has ample sand and the water is calm and also warm.

IMG 6826

IMG 6854



Parking is the most complicated aspect. If you arrive early you can find parking right next to the restaurants in the Fabrica small village. When you do not find a parking place in the village you have to leave the car on the access road to the village, and if you arrive later, you will have to leave the car well away from the village zone. However, it will be worth it. Just walk to the beach and the water temperature will make you forget the walk. 


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