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Falésia Beach

Falesia Beach: Guide to the number 1 beach in Albufeira and Vilamoura

Falésia beach has a continuous 3.7 miles long stretch of sand, lined up under cliffs in brown and whitish tones and where we can see the green color of some pine trees. It's quited, its big, its also the synonymous of fun, of sunset parties and its closet of two famous towns, Albufeira and Vilamoura.

Falésia beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vilamoura or Albufeira and also in the whole Algarve. Its continuous extension of sand, the quality of the water and the beaches, the little initial depth of the sea as well as a swell that is constantly low are its main attractions.

At the top of the cliff, which in some parts reaches 40 meters in height, there is a little forest of pine trees where there are several trails that allow walks overlooking the coastline. At its top we have an excellent perspective of the grandeur of the beach and the coastline.

Falesia beach

Falesia beach 1

Falesia Beach

In this post we are going to talk about the various existing accesses so that you can enjoy and get to know this seafront, which in some areas is still little urbanized and you can have contact with some nature. Along the almoust 4 miles of beach there are several accesses to the sand, some of which are located next to tourist developments. So, this is not just a post about Falesia Beach, but a post about all the existing beaches on the 3.7 miles of coastline in the Algarve.

Falesia Beach Map



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sunset falesia

Rocha Baixinha Beach Sunset - Falesia

During the low tide, the hard sand next to the water is ideal for jogging, running or just walking. If you go at sunset, you will certainly have a magnificent view of the end of the day and the beginning of the night.

Its also at low tide that many holidaymakers are looking for a delicacy in our Portuguese cuisine. In the sand next to the water it will be easy to find bean clam, a bivalve that lives buried in the sand.



bean clam dish 

Falesia / Rocha Baixinha Beach


In the east zone, Falesia beach starts next to Vilamoura in an area with several beach supports that are already recognized for their parties, innovation and gastronomic quality, such as NoSoloAgua Vilamoura. This beach / bar support was famous for its extraordinary sunset parties that it has been organizing all summer for several years, having brought to the beach several famous DJ's in the national panorama.

This beach area is also known as Rocha Baixinha Beach. In this area, the typical cliffs begin, carved in sand and clays, with several reliefs, designed by the force of the rains over the years.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Falesia 1

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Falesia 2

Falesia/Rocha Baixinha

How to get

There are several car parks on this part of the beach. These can be accessed through Vilamoura by locating them next to Vilamoura Marina, next to and in front of the Lake Spa Resort. Without access through Vilamoura, but through Albufeira, through the Aldeia das Açoteias area, there is yet another park that can be accessed by a dirt road (Rocha Baixinha Road).


It has all the infrastructures and equipment, as well as a great diversity of water activities being watched by lifeguards throughout the bathing season.

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Tomates Beach


Along Rocha Baixinha Road and before reaching the last park we find a clearing. This clearing is where Tomates Beach are located. Located in a low area of the cliffs and has a large car park, beach support and all infrastructure and equipment as well as lifeguards throughout the bathing season.

Praia dos Tomates
Tomates Beach - Falesia

Poço Velho Beach


Poço Velho beach is located next to the tourist resort Adriana Beach Club Resort which is located at the beginning of the dirt road that takes you to the beaches mentioned above. The access to the beach has the characteristic of being made by a wooden stair quite high since the cliff in this area already has a considerable height. 

Praia poco velho falesia

Praia poço velho escadas

Poço Velho Beach - Falesia

The beach has only the basic equipment and lifeguards during the bathing season. In this area there is no beach support or WC.

Parking for those not staying at the hotel can be done in two different locations. There is a dirt track, right at the entrance to the resort, that will take you to a small park right next to the barrier. The other option will be to park next to the entrance of the Adriana Beach Club Hotel and go around the fence through the existing tracks making this a short walk through the adjacent pine tree forest area.

In this video we make the last option.

In terms of capacity of the beaches in this area, this will be the one with the lowest capacity and the most space on the beach. 

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Alfamar beach


This beach is also located next to a tourist resort. The Alfamar Beach & Sport Resort is located right on top of the cliff and has access to the beach which, although not as steep as the previous one, is easier for people with reduced mobility. Alfamar beach already has all the infrastructure / equipment and lifeguards during the bathing season.

Access to the beach, if you are not staying at the resort, is made through an existing passage next to the parking lot and between the sports fields and the Hotel.

Praia Alfamar Falésia

Alfamar - Falesia


Falesia Beach


This beach is located in the most urbanized area and closest to Albufeira. In the Falesia area you will find several hotels, tourist accommodations and shops. The parking closest to the beach can be done right next to the road that takes you to the beach support (Rua da Falésia and Beco da Falésia Mar) and the descent to the beach is made by wooden stairs. The cliff in this area has a very high height and there are a lot of contrasts in its color, acquiring colors between whitish and reddish brown. It is a popular spot for selfie.

Praia falesia 1

Praia da falesia 2

Falesia Beach


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Barranco das Belharucas Beach


Barranco das Belharucas beach is the last beach on this stretch of sand. From this beach and to the east side, you can see the whole beach as far as the eye can see. Towards the west, the sand is interrupted by the cliffs that begin to shape the seafront of Albufeira and also the other well-known beach that has the characteristic that, during the low tide, it is possible to observe small freshwater springs located in the rocks.

Access to Barranco das Belharucas is made by a ravine excavated by rainwater over time and by a very winding dirt road, located in Caminho do Depósito and where it is difficult to cross two cars. The parking next to the beach support is reduced to the number of visitors who visit this beach daily during the bathing season.

Barranco das Belharucas falésia 1

Barranco das Belharucas Falésia 2

Barranco das Belharucas Beach


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