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Mourish Castle

The Moorish Castle in Sintra, Portugal

The Moorish castle located at the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains, close to the Pena National Palace is well preserved and allows all visitors to travel back in time.

High in the Sintra Mountains with a breathtaking view over the mountains and the sea, we find the Moorish Castle. This ancient fortification from the 10th century represents the period of Muslim occupation in the Iberian peninsula.

vista castelo dos mouros sintra




castelo bandeira

Where it is located

The Moorish Castle is located between the historic center of Sintra and the Pena National Palace. It is possible to access by public transport or by foot on a trail marked from the historic center.



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The Castle

One of the most breathtaking aspects of this fortification is the possibility to go through its walls, located on the cliffs of the mountain.

 castelo dos mouros - muralhas


castelo dos mouros - muralhas


In addition to the walls, there are other interesting ruins found both inside and outside the castle.

castelo ruinas

Castelo Ruinas 2

castelo ruinas 3

From Sintra to the Moorish Castle

From the historic centre of Sintra, you can access the Moorish Castle and also the Pena National Palace through signposted trails. The trails take hikers through the forest, the small watercourses and some gardens and old villages. The degree of difficulty of the courses is not very high.

vista castelo para centroView from the Castle to the historic centre of Sintra

Pedestrian Walk of Vila Sassetti

Along this route, you will cross a surprising building inspired by the castles of Lombardy and where you can admire its gardens and a water line that feeds the small waterfalls and ponds.

The hiking trail starts in the gardens of Vila Sassetti and passes through the main building. Outside the property you will pass by an emblematic place for climbing lovers, and by the Loureiros Forest characteristic of the place. The route ends at Tapada dos Bichos where you can choose between accessing the Castelo Moorish Castle or the Park and National Palace of Pena.

The course is 1900m long and has moderate difficulty.

Vila Sassetti ao Castelo dos Mouros


Pedestrian Walk of Santa Maria

This walking trail runs along the hillside facing the historic centre of Sintra and offers beautiful panoramic views. The route is mainly taken on an irregular path and in forest areas with some steep slopes. The degree of difficulty is considered easy and has a dimension of 1770 meters.

sintra ao castelo dos mouros

acesso ao castelo

The access route to the castle


When visit?


The village of Sintra is a tourist attraction for all who visit Lisbon. The Moorish Castle and the National Palace of Pena are also the most visited monuments in Sintra, so if you prefer a visit with shorter lines, the best time will be between autumn and spring. In fact, if you live in Portugal, it will not be difficult to find a weekend with good weather for a walk through Sintra and also the famous Quinta da Regaleira.
castelo - dentro das muralhas


Price and how to get there?

O preçário do Castelo dos Mouros pode ser consultado aqui.

The price of Castelo dos Mouros can be consulted here. You can also purchase online right away. There is the possibility of joining several monuments in just one ticket and this way the total value will be cheaper.

Access to the castle can be made by the pedestrian routes already mentioned, by bus (Sctotturb) from the centre of the town of Sintra. The car access is conditioned.

Vista Castelo para Palácio Nacional da Pena

View from Moorish Castle



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The village of Sintra and its surroundings have many places to stay overnight or for holidays. From the best hotels in old farmhouses and palaces to local accommodations, there is plenty to choose from. Use the following Booking tool to be able to choose the best accommodation by location.

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