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Obidos, the medieval Portuguese village

"It seems frozen in time", is what is said about this Portuguese village, located north of Lisbon where some of the most popular events in the region are located, such as christmas village or chocolate village.

"It seems frozen in time," says about this Portuguese village, Óbidos, which won a place in the ranking of the best medieval destinations in Europe. The list of 19 places was a choice of the European Best Destinations website, which has already presented Portugal with some distinctions such as Oporto as the best European destination on three different occasions - 2012, 2014 and 2017. 

obidos vila natal

chocolate village

The village of Obidos is located an hour's drive from Lisbon near Peniche and Caldas da Rainha. The Peniche village is one well know fishing port and near it's also the very know beaches of Obidos Lagoon. 


Obidos is rapidly becoming a popular destination for holidays and is also a great base from which you can explore this portuguese region. This is what we did recently, during the Cristmas Village in January. For this we opted for local accommodation inside the walls, right in the center of the village. 


The fact that situate one hour from Lisbon made ist popularty grow. If your are visiting the capital of Portugal you need to made this day trip. During the summer maybe it is swamped with many tours.

obidos street

obidos castle

The highlights of the town of Óbidos are a walk through the town walls that allow a panoramic view of the town, the castle of Óbidos where operates a hotel, the beautiful portal of the 17th century, the traditional sweet drink called ginja that is served in chocolate cups.


Obidos is also known for organizing a large chocolate fair and for being a christmas village, turning the village in a space full of dreams and magic.


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obidos portugal is an old town near lisbon.

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