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Oporto city: one of the best European Destination is in Portugal

Oporto city is the city where the miradouros peek above tumbledown rooftops, the history pulsat through alley-woven Ribeira and where you will find splashes of creativity in street art and azulejos.

The city of Porto was elected in 2017 the best European destination, having obtained a unanimous vote. It's one off the most visited city in Portugal and we know why.

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Porto has yet another feature to take pride in: the old center of the city was declared a World Heritage Site – and the liveliness of the many establishments which enable the most pleasant way of spending the spare time. In addition, Porto can take pride in being the one city which inspired the conception of the name of the entire country (Portugal from Portus Cale, as Romans used to refer to it in ancient times).

The little french lady (or francesinha, as the locals call it), the tripe as well as the bacalhau bring their contribution to the culinary picture of the Porto. All in all, eating in Porto is quite an experience, given the fact that the many eating venues in the cities are among the best restaurants in the entire country. The Port wine may come in hand in order to wash down the reach meals offered by the city.

The historic center of the city is in itself an attraction. However, in order to get to it, you might just as need to visit the Ribeira, which is a riverside promenade hosting a few important landmarks, such as the Bolsa Palace (nowadays hosting the Stock Exchange), the San Francisco Church (beautiful Gothic work). The Porto Cathedral is said to be the oldest structure. The Avenida dos Aliados, the Cordoaria, and the Boavista represent further landmarks or areas of the city bristling with attractions. The National Museum Soares dos Reis, the Portuguese Photography Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Port Wine Musem and the Tram Museum are also some places to visit. The Lello Bookshop is also an interesting objective, since it is one of three finest bookshops in the world.


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Oporto in Portugal is a must see city

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