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The Paderne Castle - Old castle near A22

This castle is a touristic card of the Algarve, but this way of seeing the Paderne Castle is amazing.

This is the first castle that we see when arrive in the Algarve, coming from the motorway that connect Algarve to the rest of Portugal. Although it is in ruins it is a monument to visit, not only for its architecture but also for its location.

Personally, I visited this castle during a walk on the margins of the quarteira river and the atmosphere was very calm and serene. It is also surrounded by nature, allowing you to observe the flora and fauna in these areas. The trail at the margin of the river begins at the waterfalls of the Paderne and allows you to pass through the small medieval bridge, then climb up in the trail to the castle walls.

Paderne is the destination you should put on your GPS and then go head to the Paderne Fountain. Then you can start your walk  were or take your car on the dirt road to the castle.

In this video we see the Paderne Castle from the sky. The studio By Square (Ao2), filmed this monument, its surrounding and the result is impressive and can be viewed in youtube.

The video shows the architecture of this castle, built in the twelfth century, during the Almohad period, the barbican tower, an old building with the walls still standing, and the foundations of ancient dwellings.

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Paderne village its near Albufeira

Albufeira is one of the hotspot in the Algarve

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