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Salgados Lagoon

Salgados Beach in Albufeira

Beaches in the municipality of Albufeira and Silves, famous for their extensive sand and a great dune cord. In them are the protected Salgados Lagoon, a place of birds protection. These beach area allows you to combine two diferent activities: nature and beach.

The Salgados beach in Albufeira, is the continuation of Praia Grande in Pêra that has an extensive beach and a large of golden dunes, contrasting with most beaches in the municipality of Albufeira because it does not have the famous brown cliffs, postcard of the various beaches. 

Beyond the dunes, in the direction of the Armação de Pêra city, is the Salgados Lagoon, the only wetland in the municipality of Albufeira and one of the few existing in the Algarve, the crossing point for several migratory birds, where they are protected.

Lagoa salgadosjpg

Lagoa salgados

Salgados Lagoon

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Salgados Beach


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Looking at the Map, the long sandy beach that starts at Praia dos Salgados, has several names and at the same time several forms of access. On the Albufeira side, next to Galé Beach (West), the access is made through the existing parking lot next to the Salgados tourist resort. The car park is near to the Lagoon and in this area you can also enjoy a huge wooden walkway over the dunes to Galé  Beach or even the wooden walkway that takes you to visit the Salgados Lagoon and the Praia Grande car park.  

praiagrande - salgados

praia grande - salgados

Praia Grande - Passadiço

Praia Grande

The long sandy beach allows you to enjoy the beach without much people and at the same time enjoy a normally calm and shallow sea. The beach offers good conditions for the practice of some nautical sports such as standup paddle, as the normally the sea is calm.

For those who access Salgados Beach / Praia Grande through the Pera Village, located next to national 125 road, you will find a parking lot next to Salgados Lagoon on the West side and you will have to walk along the wooden walkway over the dunes until you reach beach.

Still accessing through the village of Pera, you can access Carlos Beach (it's the name of the beach support), following an extensive dirt road. This is the west end of the beach, next to Armação de Pêra Beach and the small river. Parking is small and you will have to leave your car at the dirt road.

Praia Carlos1

Praia Carlos2 Near the Armação de Pêra Beach

The entire area between the extreme west and east of this extensive beach is located in an area that has not yet been urbanized (and we hope it will continue), due in part to the protected area of Salgados Lagoon, so the visitor can still enjoy this area to do some nature walks. Take advantage of this route and travel along the sand in one of the directions and return next to the Lagoon. In the lagoon and at the end of the day, protect yourself from the large amount of mosquitoes.

We have already visited all this dune extension in both winter and summer. We made hiking,  birdwatching and we love the beach. Enjoy the sunset over the wooden walkways, walks or runs at low tide.


praia dos salgados sunset

Salgados Beach - Sunset

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Albufeira beach.

Albufeira has many good beaches to discover.

Salgados Laggon its one of the natural elements in albufeira.

Salgados beach in Algarve have always a great temperature.

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