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Tavira - Algarve

Tavira, Algarve city with history and extensive beaches

Tavira is an important city in the Algarve, a city with art and history and providing a good holiday destination because of its magnificent and large beaches.

It is a city in the district of Faro located in the Algarve region. It is an important architectural pole, being very close to the ocean, with the Ria Formosa, the big salt water laggon, between the city and the ocean were the beaches are calm, with hot water and with extensive sands dunes. The city is divided by the Gilão River and on its banks is the historic center were are many restaurants. Tavira is also known by the huge number of churches. Has 37 in total. In addition to the various churches, the visitor can also climb to what remains of the city castle. The old bridge that connects the two parts of the city one of the most visited points of the city.

Tavira Castelo1

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Tavira Map

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The Algarve is the most touristic region in Portugal and has a lot to offer visitors.


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How to get to Tavira

There are four different ways to get to Tavira. By car, bus, train or plane.

If you choose to arrive by car, the city is next to the A22 motorway, which connects all municipalities in the Algarve with the A2 motorway, the motorway that connects the south to the north of Portugal. From Lisbon it is more or less 209 miles and from Porto it is more or less 335 miles away.

Tavira is connected to the rest of the Portugal and also to Spain by several routes and bus companies. Traveling by bus in Portugal is easy and often the best alternative. As a general rule, buses are in good condition and comfortable. Connecting Tavira to the rest of the country and also to Huelva or Seville in Spain you can travel by the company Rede Expressos. Currently, there are already other companies that connect Spain to Tavira and later to other cities such as Flixbus

In Portugal, trains between regions are usually in good condition, so getting to Tavira by train is economical but you need to change from train in Faro. The best trains that conects Algarve to Lisbon are called by AlfaPendular, as they are more comfortable, faster and with fewer stops. Between Faro and Tavira are the regional train. Tavira station is in the central area.

Arriving by plane is the method most used by visitors arriving from Europe. Faro International Airport receives flights from all over Europe and also from Lisbon or Porto. The more know low cost companies in Europe, such as Wizz, Ryanair, Easyjet travel to Faro airport. If arriving outside from Europe the flight arrive at Lisbon International Airport or Porto. From Faro to Tavira you need to go by train, bus or by car. The distance is more or less 23 miles.

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Restaurants and bars

Tavira and its surroundings have several restaurants that offers the traditional dishes from this region of the Algarve. In the center of Tavira, next to the river, in many of the restaurants there offers dishes based on fresh fish and seafood. The most typical and appreciated dish is the cataplana. The cataplana is a seafood or meat dish with potatoes or rice that is made in a large ceramic pot and usually divided by two people.

 IMG 1046


Near Tavira in the village of Santa Luzia the typical dish is octopus. In this village, which is on the banks of the Ria Formosa, the big salt water lagoon, there are also a large number of restaurants that have this specialty as their main dish.

The bars in Tavira are mainly located in the old town, next to the river. During the summer the night in Tavira is very good but the tourist village of Cabanas de Tavira, near Tavira, in the direction of Vila Real de Santo António, comes to life and is always very busy and very lively.

Roman bridge, Tavira, Portugal (14583478126)
GanMed64 [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Tavira during the summer

Tavira Island beach is the most central beach in the city of Tavira. However, as the name suggests, it is separated from the city by the Ria Formosa, and to access it you will need to take a regular ferry during the summer. Take advantage of this tour to also contemplate the Ria Formosa. The beach contains a vast expanse of golden sand and has great facilities and several restaurants including a campsite that is quite popular. The beach of Tavira Island stretches for several miles and a walk will take you to another beach in the council of Tavira, also quite famous, named Barril beach. Barril is close to the village of Santa Luzia and the access to the beach in this village is done by a small train. Yes, it's true. This is a very funny feature of this beach. This is due to the distance that it would be necessary to walk on foot, from the parking site to the beach.

IMG 0468

Barril train beach

Barril Beach was the place of a tuna fishing community and the abandoned houses are converted into shops and restaurants that open during the summer. The anchors of the old fishing fleet were placed in the sand dunes and serve as a hallmark of the beach.


IMG 0461

The anchors

Between the Tavira Island and Barril Beach is Terrra Estreita Beach, which is the most calm and relaxing.

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tavira in portugal is the gateway to visit islands and beaches.

Weather in Tavira is normaly good to trekking or walking.

algarve portugal and tavira is a good place to spend your holidays.

Visit the ria formosa.

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