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Azores, 10 day tour: one day in Faial

Faial is one of the entrance doors to the central group of Azores and being a small island in size is big in beauty. From the volcano of the capelinhos, to the beaches, to marina and all its recent history is a place that you should miss.

This itinerary is part of a trip to the Azores with the duration of 10 days, 5 of which were spent in Faial and Pico and the rest has spent in São Miguel.

Less touristy than the island of São Miguel, Pico and Faial still maintain that feeling of wild land with many to discover, although it is now much easier to reach these islands of the central group and now are much more developed, offering immense options of local accommodation and activities for visitors. Nevertheless, you can feel its almost wild state.

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One day in Faial

We started our trip through Faial from airport. We opted for a SATA direct flight from Lisbon to Horta. Then we ask the taxi driver how much would cost a small tour for the island. We know that it one of the smaller islands and we quickly with a car visit the main spots. We also knew that this is a service that is carried out by taxi drivers at a fixed and combined price.
We began our visit to the Capelinhos Volcano where the last great eruption occurred in 1957. The landscape is almost lunar since the vegetation has not yet occupied the sediments released by the volcano, which made the island grow a bit more. Along the way we find houses destroyed by the last great earthquake.





Continuing the trip with the Taxi driver, we descend towards the North beach (Praia do Norte) where we are blessed with stunning beauty. On one side a small beach of black sand and on the other the high mountain.


Almost near the Horta city we visited the beach of the Almoxarife, another beach of sand where we can see the islands of the Pico and São Jorge and the Miradouro of Espalamaca with a superb view for the city of Horta.
Another obligatory stop is Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo, one of the highest points of the island and from where we can observe the enormous vulcano boiler of the extinct volcano.

The town of Horta is small but has some points of historical and architectural interest. You can not miss the Peter's Café and the marina, where you can see the the paintings made by the sailors who find here a shelter in their crossing between Europe and America.

Our taxi driver left us at the new ferry terminal where we we buy the ticket to crossing to Pico island. The ferries between Pico and Faial are regular and allows to transport cars, which will helps if you want to rent a car on an island and visit the other.




Faial Map

This route continues with the island of Pico.


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Horta faial azores ou açores é uma ilha a visitar.

Faial has one airport with international flights. Find more in SATA website.

Tips about what to do and visit in Faial island and Horta. SATA is the azores airline.

capelinhos vulcano is the hotspot in Faial island.

Tips about Faial and about the Horta

Faial tips to know more about this island.

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