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Walking trail Vila do Bispo a Sagres - Rota Vicentina

The Costa Vicentina is an area far from the Algarve busy, even in summer time. In Costa Vicentina is still possible to find deserted beaches, some are a paradise for surfers and walking trails along the sea for hours only with the immensity of the landscape.


Vicentina trail


In this side of the Algarve intersect two hiking routes. Via Algarviana and Rota Vicentina, and the two end in Sagres village.

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trail vicentina

We made part of the one route. We start at Vila do Bispo, here begins the last routes of the Rota Vicentina. The beginning started in the transition between town and country side. We begin by going through the crop fields until we crossed the Environmental Trail Castelejo, which is an area of pine forest that extends to the sea. The route took us around the pine trees and then towards Sagres always near the ocean.

After walking 4km we decided to leave for a moment the Rota Vicentina and move towards the Viewpoint of Grota, next to an old house of Fiscal Guard. The fog wasnt lifting and still covered the adjacent beach.


Continuing our walk, we turn to enter in the route and near the 10,5km we decided to follow the trail of fishermen. However, before we visited and enjoyed the Ponta Ruiva Beach.

Then walked the trail of fishermen, always near the sea and following the trails that fishermen use to access their fishing spots. It is a single track with some degree of difficulty, but always with the ocean nearby. On the horizon we can always see the lighthouse of Sagres that receive us in the end of this route. Al together it's 24km of various landscapes and a presence of persistent nature.

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