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VRSA Beach

VRSA Beach: the most eastern wild beach in the Algarve

Beaches with a warm and calm sea, with extensive sand and dunes involved in an area with very little construction, contrasting with the neighboring and best known beach of Monte Gordo, is the VRSA post card.

The beach of Vila Real de Santo António rises near the mouth of the River Guadiana, which borders with Spain, and has 3 km of continuous sand, warm waters and normally calm sea to the nearby Monte Gordo beach.

areal praia 2

areal praia 1


This beach, still little busy, is inserted in the National Forest of the Dunes Coast, a forest of maritime pine trees, located on the coast between Vila Real de Santo António and Monte Gordo, which gives a more natural environment and a dimension of green and fresh nature on the Algarve coast, already excessively urbanized.


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VRSA Beach Map


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Access and Parking


Access to the beach is made by the road located next to the river and the lighthouse. On that road and after arriving at the last restaurant you should continue on the road already located right on top of the jetty. Ahead, just before the sand line, a dirt road appears. The road in excellent condition passes through the three existing accesses to the beaches. Parking is informal and done at the side of the road.


 acesso pedonal praia VRSA

Pedestrian Access

The pedestrian accesses are made through this "tall scrub" of plants typical of the sands dunes and which allow to maintain the conservation status of these dunes.

In this video you can see the path, the informal parking, the pedestrian access and the arrival at the beach.

However, the most interesting access to the seafront is through a pedestrian and cycling path (Caminho dos Três Pauzinhos), where a tourist train also runs. This path runs longitudinally through the wide patch of pine forest and gives access to the last beach on the dirt road mentioned above.

dunas Praia VRSA

praia VRSA

VRSA Beach


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vrsa beach or Vila Real de Santo António beach its not busy beeach.

Quiet beach near Monte Gordo, in Algarve.

VRSA beach map and all the access to the sand/beach.

pictures and parking to go to VRSA Beach, near Spain.

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