The nearest beach is the small La ...
Created on 13 January 2020
10. Switzerland: The Lugano lake city
... highest part the view is really magnificent. You can access the hill by walking or by funicular. It is another excellent area for walks and to enjoy and relax. When I visited Monte Bré, I also decided ...
Created on 04 September 2019
11. One of the biggest pedestrian walkways in the Algarve
... or a summer day walking through this pedestrian walkway is almost mandatory when visiting Alvor, located near Portimão. On one of these afternoons wee visit this that it's known as one of the longest walkways ...
Created on 02 May 2019
12. Three day driving route in Picos da Europa - Spain
... views are magnificent. At the top there are several walking routes that you can do. We unfortunately got very bad weather and ended up giving up the idea of getting on the cable car. Juan ...
Created on 14 April 2019
13. Azores, 10 day tour: four days in Pico Island
... was dedicated to the Unesco Protected Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard. Between Madalena and Areia Larga you can take a walking tour in this natural landscape and can visit the Wine Cooperative of ...
Created on 13 September 2018
14. Best beaches in Algarve from Aljezur to Sagres
... Vincentina Route: Walking trail Vila do Bispo a Sagres - Rota Vicentina

Ponta Ruiva Beach Map


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Created on 27 July 2018
15. Azores, the travel paradise in atlantic ocean
... and therefore is unique and very quite. You can not come to Pico without climbing the Pico mountain, that is, climbing the Pico volcano. The landscape is breathtaking and is within walking distance of ...
Created on 15 June 2018
16. walking trail
walking trail
Created on 14 March 2019
17. Benémola Fountain Hiking Trail in Loulé
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Circular hiking route through the protected landscape between Querença and Tôr with 2.5 miles. Privileged place to observe the riverside habitat and rural landscapes.
Created on 10 January 2021
18. Falesia Beach: Trekking through the cliffs on the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve
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Falésia beach, one of the most popular in Vilamoura, Albufeira and also in the whole of the Algarve, has a continuous 6 km long stretch of sand under the high cliffs in brown and whitish tones.
Created on 12 September 2020
19. One of the biggest pedestrian walkways in the Algarve
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The beach of Alvor, near Portimão, has one of the largest pedestrian walkways in the Algarve linking the estuary of the Alvor river to the sea in an idyllic landscape.
Created on 02 May 2019
20. Ruta del Cares Trail - Hiking trail in Picos de Europa
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The Ruta del Cares follows a gorge and is one of the most beautiful and famous trails that can be traversed in the Picos de Europa.
Created on 13 March 2019