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Roteiro Sul Espanha - Sevilha

Andalusia tour - a tour in southern Spain

Southern Spain, more precisely Andalusia, has so much to visit and enjoy. From the small towns hidden in the mountains to the big cities and the huge beaches bathed by the Mediterranean sea, there is always something to dazzle us and make our trip special.

Andalusia is synonymous of beaches, warm waters, mild temperatures and some places of great historical interest. During the past summer we carried out for a week and a half the itinerary below which took us from the capital of this autonomous region to La Manga del Mar Menor.


A - Seville, the capital of the region

Seville, located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, is a capital with a huge historical and architectural heritage and where each visitor is able to get involved in all the traditions of southern Spain, from its tapas, bullfighting and flamenco. This was the starting point of our itinerary. Stroll through its historic center, through its gardens where you can enjoy some shadows (they are very necessary during the summer, as it is the warmest capital in Spain). Seville is famous for its Feria de Abril de Sevilla and also for the festivities of Holy Week. In the central area there is a lot to visit and the must-see spots are Plaza de Espanã, Seville Cathedral and Giralda or the beautiful Alcázar that has survived since the Moors. Get lost in the streets full of shops and visit the Metropol Parasol, a wooden viewpoint in the city center.

Sevilha - Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espanã

sevilha Metrosol


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B - Guadix, where you live in caves

Guadix, a small town near the Sierra Nevada, is famous for its "cuevas" neighborhood, meaning caves where residents have always lived. Currently, there are still many of these houses inserted in inhabited caves since this way it is possible to better control the temperature inside the house. In Guadix it is worth visiting the Cuevas district (where you can also spend the night in a local accommodation), the Cathedral and the Castle of Guadix.

Bairro de Cuevas

Guadix Cuevas

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C - La Manga del Mar Menor, where you can bathe in two seas

La Manga del Mar Menor is a summer area, with kilometers of beaches with clear and warm waters. La Manga has the particularity of being a narrow line of sand with 21 km of extension that creates a huge lagoon being able to choose in which of the seas it intends to make beach. The so-called minor sea, which is s huge lagoon or the Mediterranean sea. Close to La Manga you can choose beaches with much less movement inserted in the Regional Park of Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas Y Peña del Águila. In addition to the beach, there are many routes along the coast that can take you to small rocky beaches with very clear and very warm waters, ideal for snorkeling.

La Manga 1

La Manga

playa calblanque 3

Calblanque Park

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D - Cartagena, a trip to the past

Cartagena, marked by the Carthaginians, is a city leaning to the Mediterranean sea with many historical points of interest. Despite being by the sea, its nearest beaches are very small and its seafront is occupied by a large commercial and military port. In Cartagena you should not miss a visit to its main monument, the Roman Theater, the Castle of la Concepcíon and its garden, the Barrio del Foro Romano and also the entire central and commercial area of the city. Cartagena also has several museums that are worth visiting and many hiking trails in the surrounding hills with very interesting views of the Mediterranean and the city.


jardim cartagena

View of the city walls and bay

Teatro Romano

Roman Theater

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G - Málaga, history and beach

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe having been influenced by many peoples. For this reason, it is a city rich in cultural and historical terms. On our visit and despite the short stop we did not fail to visit La Manquita, an incomplete cathedral, the Arab Castle and Gibralfaro with its gardens. In terms of museums, you must visit the Pablo Picasso museum house, as this was the city where he was born. Malaga also has a huge seafront with excellent beaches.


Málaga city view

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H - Ronda, the city and the bridge

Ronda and its bridge and gorge make this an amazing destination. It is a small town that dazzles in every corner, both on the oldest side and on the most recent side of the city, since in its middle is the huge gorge through which the Guadalevín River flows. Joining these two parts are two very old bridges, one in a lower part and the Puente Nuevo which is the illustrated postcard with its 100 meters high. Discover Ronda on foot, get lost in its streets, look for the trail that takes you to the base of the bridge, take advantage of the various viewpoints at sunset to take hundreds of photos, visit the small castle and walk through its walls.

puente nova

Puente Nuevo view

puente nova 1

Puente Nuevo View

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I - Setenil de la Bodega, live with rocks

Before returning to Seville, the starting point for this huge tour through some of the most interesting cities in Andalusia, we couldn't leave Ronda without going to Setenil. Setenil is a small village on the slopes of a cliff. However it has a very interesting feature, as the houses use the rocks as walls and as a ceiling. In addition there are streets and terraces in the shade of the rocks. Points of interest are the streets, terraces and its castle at the top.



Setenil streets

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Map of Andalusia and our itinerary.

Tourism in Andalusia, as we have outlined in this itinerary, gave us the chance to visit beaches and cities.

Points of interest in the various cities of Andalusia and the coast.

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