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Ruta del Cares

Ruta del Cares Trail - Hiking trail in Picos de Europa

The Ruta del Cares follows a gorge and is one of the most beautiful and famous trails that can be traversed in the Picos de Europa.

Ruta del Cares is located in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park, and connects the litte towns of Poncebos and Caín. For those who like hiking and are visiting or thinking visiting the Picos de Europa, you can not miss this trail, with about 15mi.

The trail is linear and has 7,5mi in length, however if you do the round trip will double the distance and most of the terrain is flat.

Ruta del cares bridge

rio cares

You can start the trail in any of the locations. We, when we did, started in Cain, just because it was closer to where we were staying. Cain is a small village, on the banks of the Cares River and next to the gorge where the trail begins. In Cain you can find some restarants / cafes and you can even stay overnight, since the trade of the village is precisely distinguished to satisfy all the hikers of this magical trail. Car access to Cain is done by a relatively narrow road that winds its way through some valleys.

In Cain the trail begins with the river right next to us. However after the first few meters the same begins to be down there, in the bottom of the gorge that we are walking.

Ruta del cares 1

Ruta del cares 2

Ruta del cares 3

The trail was made next to a water channel that connects the two locations that it's still in operation in nowadays.

Ruta del cares water channel

When the gorge becomes higher it is necessary to pass through some bridges, that are in perfect state of conservation. In addition to the bridges between the gorge we also find bridges in parts of the trail that had suffered collapse.

Ruta del cares bridge 1

Ruta del cares bridge 2

Along the trail you will also find some goats that make from this canyon your home. Be aware that they like not only the herb, but also the snacks that you can eventually eat.

Ruta del cares cabras

In the final phase of the trail, next to Pancebos, there is the most complicated part, with ascent and descent in paved terrain. After arriving at Pancebos, we rest and returned. The fact of doing the same route twice does not make it monotonous, since the landscape is so dazzling that we always find one or another different detail.

Ruta del cares view

Ruta del cares view 1

We arrived tired but happy to have walked this trail, which is no doubt amazing.

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Caín Map


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The best walking trail in Picos da Europa, spain.

Ruta del Cares, in Picos da Europa.

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