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Cartagena in South Spain

Cartagena, located in southern Spain in the Region of Murcia, is a city with a great history, marked by the Carthaginians and more recently by industry due to its strategically located harbor.

Cartagena, a city known for its people, the Carthaginians, who used it as the main gateway to the Iberian Peninsula, founded in 227 BC by the Carthaginian General Asdrubal, later conquered by the Romans, is a city of southern Spain that must visit when you take a tour of southern Spain and the Costa Calida.

Cartagena its full of history, which is located near the Mediterranean sea, but does not have a large beach or a promenade full of bars and beachfronts as many cities along the Mediterranean. On the contrary, Cartagena has a small bay and a large harbor, which was and still is if atmost importance due to its location. In the past it was used as a military port as the hills around the harbor and bay protect it and several artillery posts were built on these hills.

barrio cuevas 3 1

In more modern times Cartagena was marked by its mining activitie, with lead and silver mines. More recently its major activity is in the Valle de Escombreras, with important petrochemical facilities and refineries. This area is located between Cartagena and the Mar Menor.


Cartagena Map

What to visit

Our visit began by the sea wall near the harbor. This wall divides the city from the port and has some gardens.

jardim cartagena

Arriving at the most central area of the city, we visited what is Cartagena's main monument, the Roman Theater, which was once covered by an old residential area.

teatro romano 1

The Roman theater is in the center of the city and was discovered after several houses has torn down in 1988.

teatro romano 2

As we walk through it, we can hardly think what has the city before the excavation to bring the whole of the Roman Theater in sight.

teatro romano 3

Close to the Roman Theater is Torres Park with its Concepción Castle inside and accessible by a Panoramic Elevator. This park gives you a panoramic view of the city and the harbor.

The Barrio del Foro Romano is another point of great historical interest that can be visited. It is one of the largest urban archaeological parks in Spain and was once an ancient Roman city where the Roman sidewalk and Roman Baths stand out.

Cartagena's central area is full of shops and restaurants allowing for a rest of the day shopping and admiring the imposing architecture of some of these existing buildings.

Cartagena centro

If you are a big fan of museums, Cartagena will not let you down as it has so many of which we highlight the following:

However to be able to visit all the museums and monuments listed above, you certainly need to stay more than one day.


Beaches and Walking trails

The nearest beach is the small La Cortina beach, located in a bay near the entrance to the port of Cartagena.

This whole area of the coast has many trails for those who like to walk. The trails run through the hills and lead you to the ancient war installations that protected Cartagena's strategic harbor. Moreover, they always provide a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and the whole city of Cartagena.


Also know more about  the beaches in La Manga del Mar Menor.


Compare prices to visit Cartagena. Múrcia its the nearest airport.

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Pratical Guide

Cartagena is not a very big city and it was easy to get there and park the car for free. We parked next to the Polytechnic University of Cartagena which is next to Av. Trovero Marín which allowed us to walk along the waterfront to the oldest part at near walking distance. The whole city can be seen on foot, as the points of interest are not far away.

The level of safety did not seem to us to be a problem either, since at no time do we feel insecure on every street.

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La Manga del Mar Menor is too hot.

Alquiler en Cartagena

Cartagena touristic map. The nearest airport Cartagena.

Cartagena map whith the interest points.

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