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Segovia - Castle, Cathedral and Aqueduct make this Spanish city irresistible

Segovia is a Spanish city located near capital Madrid and worth a visit en you visit the Spanish Capital.

Madrid is a city with everything a visitor might want to find in a great European city. However, in Segovia (about 100km) you will find a much quieter environment, castles, palaces, cathedrals, small shops and restaurants that will worth a visit.

Personally I first visited Segovia before visit Madrid and the difference between the metropolis and this small town is huge. It's really worth spending a day in this city with lots of history to tell us.

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Cook and History

The cuisine is intrinsically related to this city. Their typical dish, the cochinillo of Segovia is quite famous among residents and tourists. The cochinillo is a dish of a small pig roasted in a wood oven.

One of the main monuments that attracts many tourists is the roman aqueduct that it's in the center of the city that as built in the 1st century d.c. with the objective of bringing water to the city from mountain and that has been used until the 19th century. It is a huge monument, consisting of several arches, one on top of the other.

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The Cathedral of Santa Maria, located between the Aqueduct and the Alcázar is another point of obligatory stop. This is a huge cathedral of Gothic style that has been the last of this style to be built throughout Spain.

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After visiting the cathedral you should continue through the narrow streets of this part of the city to visit the one that is the most imposing and important monument of Segovia. The Palace of Segovia or Alcazár de Segovia is built on top of a rocky cliff, at the confluence of two rivers Eresma and Clamores, with a magnificent view of the city.
According to the history of this palace, whose construction began in 1132, throughout its many years of existence, it was fortress, became Royal Palace being one of the favorite residences of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Castile, was later converted into a prison, and finally housed a military academy. Today it is in excellent condition and can be visited both its exterior and its walls as the interior where it houses a museum.

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Segovia is therefore a small town where all the visit by the most interesting points can be made on foot and without great walks.



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segovia near madrid in spain.

alcazar segovia is a palace.

segovia catedral are magnificient.

segovia map to visit this litle city.

segovia, near madrid.

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