Switzerland: The Lugano lake city

Lugano, a city on the shores of the lake of the same name, is charming and charismatic. It is located next to Italy in Ticino canton (the Italian canton) and is the largest city of this canton.

Lugano joins the Swiss personality with the Italian charisma in this border city between the two countries. The lake is its ex-libris and on its shores are beaches during the summer where you can take boat trips on the lake and observe the villas of some famouse people. Its climate i sbetter than in the rest of Switzerland and that is why it is a summer destination to cool off on the shores of the lake, which has some sand beaches and clear waters.

Lugano lago 1

Map of Lugano and some points of interest

Lake shores

One of my favorite places is the walks that can be done on the shores of the lake. The best place in town is Parco Ciani (5) starting at Lugano's casino and extending to Lido zone. It has small beaches where you can enjoy some animals, playgrounds and lots of green. To do and to enjoy.

lugano lake 1

lugano lake 2

lugano lake 3

From the Casino area to Paradiso you can also take a walk and enjoy the views. It is not as calm and refreshing as in the park.

Following the garden towards the Lido area and before crossing a small bridge you will find a sandy area that is used as a beach. Across the bridge is a complex with swimming pools and access to the lake. This is a paid complex.

City center

The lake itself and gardens are located close to the city center. In addition to these two points of interest, in the lakeside you will also find the Casino de Lugano (6), for those who like to play should be the ideal place. Go through the streets of city center where you will find many shops. Via Nassa it's the street of the shop district.

City center 1

city center 2

Monte Bré and Villa Favorita

Mount Bré (5) is a park area from which you can observe the lake and the city. In the highest part the view is really magnificent. You can access the hill by walking or by funicular. It is another excellent area for walks and to enjoy and relax. When I visited Monte Bré, I also decided to take a walking route that starts Via Riviera, at the Lugano exit to Villa Favorita (3).
monte bre 1

monte bre 2

monte bre 3

monte bre 4

This route through Villa Favorita takes us through very narrow paths by the lake and through the beautiful houses that exist there. Here we can feel the charisma of the place, visit small chapels and walk enjoying the great views that the lake and the buildings provide us. It is a must see for anyone visiting Lugano and for those who like to go hiking.

Villa Favorita 1

Villa Favorita 2

Villa Favorita 3

Villa Favorita 4

Villa Favorita 5

Monte San Salvatore

Mount San Salvatore (4) offers a 360 degree view of this area as it is the highest. Your climb can be made by funicular, which can be picked up in the Paradiso area or by foot via a 2-hour trail. Prices and times are here. The weather even in summer can change very fast. I tried to visit Monte San Salvatore during my stay and on foot, but I give up because the rain began to fall heavily.

monte san Salvatore 1

monte san Salvatore 2


Thinks to do near Lugano


When we visited Lugano and taking advantage of Switzerland's excellent train service we also visited Berne for a day and the city of Como in Italy in a day out.

Compare prices to travel. The most closer airport its the Milano - Malpensa in Italy!


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Pratical Guide

When visit

This decision depends on the purpose of the trip. To enjoy the scenery and see some of the cities of Switzerland and northern Italy, the trip can be made during the warmer months to enjoy the baths in the existing lakes. In winter if you want to enjoy the ski resorts.

How visit

The city is interconnected with Switzerland and Italy by roads and railway lines. The fastest way is the train, as they are excellent and with many trips. By the way, Switzerland is very famous for its railway lines. By plane you can use Lugano airport, but it only receives small flights or the nearest airport that receives low cost flights is Milan - Malpensa or Bergamo. Please note that Switzerland does not belong to the Schengen and have border controls. You must check the required documents in your country to enter Switzerland.


Popular resorts in Lugano



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Lugano, Switzerland, photos and what to do in Lugano city.

The Lugano funincular is a good away to visit the hills.

How to go to Lugano, Switzerland.Where to stay and what to visit in Lugano and near.

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