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Travel Blog

Travel tips & tricks from countries/cities that i had the pleasure to visit.

Azores, 10 day tour: four days in Pico Island

The Pico Island is synonymous of whales, volcanic wines, and the highest mountain in Portugal. This guide takes you takes you through to the secrets of the...

Best beaches in Algarve from Odeceixe to Sagres

In our various walks along the beaches of Costa Vicentina we find some of the beaches that we consider the most beautiful in this area and even in...

Fábrica beach is one paradise in Algarve

Fábrica beach, located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, is still an nature hightlight of the Algarve, having already been identified as one of the...

Through the unknown Algarve and Alentejo countryside

Springtime or summer gataway for a little visited part of Portugal but with many options to enjoy during your holidays. Enjoy and relax in the...

Malaga, the starting point to explore Costa del Sol

Málaga is situated in Costa del Sol, near the international Airport Costa del Sol and is a ideal city to make it our starting point to explore all...

Albufeira in Algarve is the Europe golden coast

Albufeira is situated in Algarve, near the international Faro Airport and is a ideal city to enjoy your stay in Algarve.

Azores, 10 day tour: tour-sao-miguel

The island of São Miguel is synonymous of nature and beauty, with wonderful places and diversified activities. This itinerary takes you to know the...

Airports: Departures and Arrivals timetable

Many times when travel we want to know if the flights at the airport of arrival or even in the departure airport are delay or at time. This tool...

Azores, 10 day tour: one day in Faial

Faial is one of the entrance doors to the central group of Azores and being a small island in size is big in beauty. From the volcano of the...

Oporto city: one of the best European Destination is in Portugal

Oporto city is the city where the miradouros peek above tumbledown rooftops, the history pulsat through alley-woven Ribeira and where you will find...

Walking tour on Algarviana Route from Barranco do Velho to Salir

The course, sector 6 of Algarviana Route, it's 269M accumulated altitude and is considered easy. It's start on Barranco do Velho and end in...

Azores, the travel paradise in atlantic ocean

The islands of Azores is like the myth of Atlantis, as it’s rise and shine from its long sleep. This is a paradise!


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