The best Discount Rates & Hotel Deals

Search Hundreds of Hotels Booking Sites!


The best Discount Rates & Hotel Deals

Search Hundreds of Hotels Booking Sites!


hotel compare tool from hotelcombined

The best Discount Rates & Hotel Deals

Advantages of booking with scannertrip compare tools

All Prices & Discounts

We monitor deals, search and compare prices provided by 70 hotel booking services.

No hidden fees

scannertrip compare tool shows the final room pricing. No additional taxes and hidden fees.


Room prices change constantly. Subscribe for price alerts to stay informed of any price changes for the hotel of your choice.


All booking services are thoroughly inspected by Security Department of Hotels Combined

Our hotel search is better than direct search on and other booking websites

We compare room prices from 70 different hotel booking services, enabling you to pick the most affordable offers that are not even listed on

  1. The price for one and the same room can differ depending on the website you are using. Price comparison enables finding the best offer. Also, sometimes the same room can have a different availability status in another system.
  2. We search both the largest booking websites and small local systems. Oftentimes, small family hotels are not listed on large booking websites.
  3. We collect feedback from multiple booking systems, making the scannertrip compare tools ratings more accurate.
  4. Our search tools are made available in partnership with Hotels Combined, one of the best services of its kind.

Most popular hotel destinations

While using Scannertrip, make cheap hotel reservations and learn useful information about the city of your choice at the same time.

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Hotels compare tools | Find & Compare Hotel Deals from 100 Booking Sites

With scannertrip compare tools you will compare hotel prices read reviews and save on your next trip.

cheap hotels. Compare prices of a diferent hotels rooms, and reserve your stay in hotel rooms on hotel webpages or hotel reserve companies webpages.

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