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English travel blogs

Scannertrip travel blog is just one of many useful blogs for all travel lovers. In order to help you, to find more destinations and travel activities, we propose the following blogs.

In this list you will find blogs with tips to all possible destinations, to create itineraries that meet all your expectations. We highlight blogs iEnglish that deserve a careful reading to idealize your next trip. 

Maptia - Maptia is a collaborative platform that has several writers, photographers, adventurers and conservationists. It is an endless number of tips and destinations.

Atlasandboots - Blog directed to outdoor activities. There are many destinations around the world that are portrayed in this blog. From hiking in Spain to a trekking route in Vanuatu.

familyadventureproject - This is a family travel blog with tips to explore the world and spend quality time together, as a family. 


wanderlust Chloe - This is a top UK travel blog for lovers of travel, foods and memorable moments. 



If you know a blog that is not on the list, suggest it or if you are a blogger leave your blog in the comments. Let's share our blogs.


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Travel blogs.

Travel blogs.

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